Vanakkum and Welcome to our community

"A spiritually driven route in life brings love, hope, understanding, positive energy and joy" 
The life of Lord Murugan signifies triumph of wisdom over ignorance and has exceptional power to transform individuals

Through decades of trials, tribulations & oppression, our fore-fathers laid a foundation to ensure our culture and heritage lives on to this day. That foundation has grown into our divine CSSST. 

Situated in the heart of what was once known as "little India" it is a place of solitude, serenity & to many it has become a place we often call "home".

The mission and motivation behind this website is for the sharing of information regarding the our culture and religion. There is a lot of misunderstanding and misinformation that exists between these various dimensions and we hope to bridge this enormous gap.

This site will also be used to create awareness regarding events hosted at the temple as well as the significance of the event. This also allows you the opportunity to raise any questions, suggestions or concerns you may have, kindly submit them on the contact us page.

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